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Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism


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Labeling criticism of Israel anti-Semitic is new McCarthyism, Georgia Straight July 22, 2011

Report on anti-Semitism seeks only to protect Israel, National Post, July 21, 2011

CPCCA report threatens Canadian’s democratic rights, free speech, SFSC News Release July 14, 2011

Liberal’s refusal to sign off on final report highlights continuing controversy over anti-Semitism group, Embassy Mag, July 13, 2011

CPCCA Report is a “McCarthyist diatribe”, Canadian Charger, July 8, 2011

Jewish group gives Pseudo Parliamentary report failing grade, IJV July 8, 2011

CPCCA Releases Report more than 1 year late, SFSC July 8, 2011

Letter by Michael Keefer to Premier Dalton McGuinty, re: Jenny Peto’s MA thesis, Dec 11, 2010
Jenny Peto scandal shows that it’s time to clean house at OISE,, Dec 11, 2010
Peto’s Holocaust education polemic not worthy of a master’s,, Dec 10, 2010
Ontario minister slams student thesis on Holocaust education,, Dec 8, 2010
Gaza controversy a result of lackluster leadership,, Dec 8, 2010
The AMS: spending your money to investigate terrorism,, Dec 6, 2010
UBC student government checking Gaza donation for terror ties,, Dec 2, 2010
Standing morality on its head,, Nov 27, 2010
SFSC News release: Coalition to push governments, universities to adopt definition of anti-Semitism that outlaws criticism of Israel
Caeasar and the Ottawa Protocol,, Nov 17, 2010
Don’t confuse criticism with anti-Semitism, Burnaby Now/New West Record, Nov 13, 2010
Anti-Semitic to criticize Israeli construction in Jerusalem?, globe and mail, Nov 10, 2010
Harper on Israel: Is the Prime Minister mentally sound?,, Nov 10, 2010
Fight against anti-Semitism renewed with ‘Ottawa Protocol’, National Post, Nov 9, 2010
An enduring hatred: Irwin Cotler Defining the new anti-Semitism, National Post, Nov 9, 2010
Tory MP hits back at critics of anti-Semitism conference, Globe and Mail, Nov 8, 2010
Group questions premise of anti-Semitism conference, Globe and Mail, Nov 8, 2010
Harper pledges ‘relentless’ stand against anti-Semitism, Globe and Mail, Nov 8, 2010
The CPCCA should be reconfigured to combat racism against all peoples,, Nov 8, 2010
Anti-Semitism and free speech: In Parliament this weekend,, Nov 4, 2010
A tale of two ghettoes, National Post, Nov 2, 2010
Anti-Semitism on your magazine rack–courtesy of Adbusters, National Post, Oct 24, 2010
Criticize Israel, go to jail, Edmonton Vue, Sept 21 2010

Coalition aims to criminalise criticism of Israel, Gabriola Flying Shingle, Oct 4 2010

Israel apologists cry wolf with claims of ‘antisemitism’, Vancouver Courier September 29, 2010

Author speaking on anti-semitism, Comox Valley Echo, September 24, 2010

Book launch supports free speech, Nanaimo News Bulletin, Sept 21, 2010

Radio Interview with Michael Keefer, author of Antisemitism: Real and Imagined

A Mideast reading list for Tories willing to learn, The Globe and Mail, Aug. 27, 2010

Book on anti-Semitism challenges Parliamentary coalition’s objectivity, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, April 6, 2010

Dennis Skulsky resigns from Canwest “to spend more time with his family”,, March 12, 2010

The Bloc Quebecois quits Coalition to Combat Antisemitism, Le Devoir, March 10, 2010

Torstar among final bidders for CanWest papers, Globe and Mail, March 10, 2010

Aspers bid to reclaim newspaper chain, Globe and Mail, March 10, 2010

Free speech at risk in Apartheid Week debacle,, March 10, 2010

Israel is an apartheid state and that is why they are losing legitimacy,, March 2, 2010

The Canadian Parliamentary Farce to Combat Antisemitism, Independent Jewish Voices Canada, March 2010

End of era as Leonard Asper leaves CanWest over conflict of interest, Globe and Mail, March 4, 2010

The CanWest papers, Globe and Mail, Feb 26, 2010

CPCCA: What it means for Canadians, Canadian Dimension, Feb 4, 2010

Canadian Policy: The Jerusalem effect,, Jan 26, 2020

Rosebud. The rise and fall of CanWest,, Jan 10, 2029 (sfsc posted Jan 19)

Don’t expect ‘contrarian’ Liberals to tilt papers left, Globe and Mail, Jan 18, 2010

Group including Jerry Grafstein seeks 3 CanWest papers, Globe and Mail, Jan 18, 2010

Policy and prejudice: De-funding Canadian aid projects,, Jan 18, 2010

Shaming us all, Ottawa Citizen, Dec 30, 2009

CanWest newspaper chain leaves 300 creditors unpaid, Globe and Mail, Jan 15, 2010

CanWest lenders can’t wait on sale, Scotiabank tells Asper, Globe and Mail, Jan 10, 2010

CanWest newspapers for sale despite Asper’s objections, Globe and Mail, Jan 8, 2010

Scotiabank now Canada’s biggest publisher, Globe and Mail, Jan 8, 2010

Canwest puts papers up for sale, , Jan 8, 2010

Confusing politics and prejudice in the fight against anti-semitism,, Jan 6, 2010

New libel defence allowed by Supreme Court,, Dec 22, 2009

Canwest: still SLAPPing people around, Dawg’s Blawg, Dec 16, 2009

What to do if someone SLAPPs you,, Dec 16, 2009

HUAC North and its backers, Dawg’s Blawg, Dec 13, 2009

Out of commission, Toronto Star blog of Antonia Zerbisias, Dec 11, 2009

Israel’s critics will not be silenced!, Canadian Dimension, Aug 31, 2009 (added Dec 13, 2009)

A Satire & Parody Right Needs Legislation, excesscopyright blog, added to SFSC Dec 8, 2009 (posted August 3, 2009)

VESTA votes on “free speech”, Jewish Independent, Dec 4, 2009

CanWest suitor search draws 20, Globe and Mail, Dec 3, 2009

CanWest pensioners’ lives in limbo, Globe and Mail, Nov 30, 2009

Will Harper criminalize criticism of Israel?,, Nov. 19, 2009

Balance on Mideast is a liability, Toronto Star, Nov. 20, 2009

Makes the Yes Men look like young republicans,, Nov. 16, 2009

CanWest Attempts to Halt Free Speech Satirists,, Nov 12, 2009

Canwest newspaper outsourcing jobs,, Sept. 5, 2009

Canwest fights global war on satire despite threat of bankruptcy,, Nov. 6, 2009

No trademark on free speech, The Star, Aug 29, 2009

CanWest-Goldman battle erupts, Globe and Mail, Nov 2, 2009

No outside buyer, CanWest shuffles National Post, Globe and Mail, Oct 31, 2009

Canwest continues anti-satire lawsuit, despite looming bankruptcy,, October 28, 2009

CanWest to transfer National Post to its publishing division, Globe and Mail, Oct 28, 2009

Bonuses for CanWest bosses?,, October 27, 2009

The short end of the Canwest stick, Macleans, October 20, 2009

Final CanWest episode needs a white knight, Globe and Mail, Oct 19, 2009

Canwest Wins More Time To Reshape Newspaper Unit, Rueters, Oct 16, 2009

Canwest Receives Notice Of Delisting From TSX Effective November 13, Globe and Mail, Oct 15, 2009

Scotiabank, creditors to control CanWest dailies, Globe and Mail, Oct 7, 2009

The Asper dream ends, the selloff begins, Globe and Mail, Oct 7, 2009

Canwest wins court shelter for Global TV, Post,, Oct 6, 2009

Canwest seeks bankruptcy protection for broadcasting assets and National Post,, Oct 6, 2009

CanWest assets likely to be sold after company files for creditor protection, Globe and Mail, Oct 6, 2009

Godfrey wins backers for buyout of CanWest papers, Globe and Mail, Oct 1, 2009

Gaza and the ‘New’ Anti-Semitism, Columbia Journal, September 2009

‘We’re Screwed’: Yes Men’s Media Heist Blankets City with ‘Special Edition’ New York Post,, Sept. 21, 2009

Parody as fair dealing in Canada, Oxford Journal of Intellectual Property Law, July 2009

Canwest shares take a beating, closing at six-and-a-half cents,, July 9, 2009

Copyright Law, Freedom of Expression and Canwest v. Horizon,, June 26, 2009

Greenpeace Parody of Newspaper Spotlights Climate, New York Times, June 18, 2009 (see web version of International Herald-Tribune parody here)

New law makes it harder to SLAPP in Quebec, Montreal Gazette, June 4, 2009

CanWest newspapers seeking worker concessions: union, Canadian Press, June 12, 2009

CanWest gets ready for new face near the top, Globe and Mail, June 6, 2009

Canwest Global subsidiary misses $10M in debt payments,, May 29, 2009

Split on free speech, Langara Journalism Review, May 8, 2009

Inside the Canwest talks,, May 8, 2009

The last days of a dynasty, Macleans, April 30, 2009

Canwest shares worthless, to be avoided – analysts,, April 13, 2009

Winnipeg Free Press columnist says Aspers will lose control of Canwest, Georgia Straight, April 11, 2009

‘It’s sad… the company is done’, Winnipeg Free Press, April 11, 2009

Can Canadians practice parody?, Fuse Magazine, Apr 9, 2009 – Please support Fuse magazine by subscribing at

‘No finish line’ for Canwest cuts: Skulsky,, Apr 9, 2009

Canwest writes off $1B in assets, loses $1.4B in 2nd quarter,, Apr 9, 2009

Canwest Watch,, Apr 9, 2009

Adbusters given green light to sue TV broadcasters,, April 7, 2009

CanWest’s math problem,, April 7, 2009

Canwest’s dance with debt,, Apr 7, 2009

Satirists, the world’s unacknowledged legislators,, Mar 24, 2009

A world without satire? Canwest sues satirists, CCPA Monitor, Mar 24, 2009

Family ties,, Mar 21, 2009

Some broadcasters are more equal than others,, Mar 20, 2009

Canwest appears to be lumbering towards bankruptcy restructuring, say observers, Canadian Press, Mar 13, 2009

Canwest wins round in parody suit,, Mar 5, 2009

Broadcasters seek changes for ‘broken’ industry, Globe and Mail, Mar 4, 2009 (Canwest seeks 45%-75% reduction in local programming requirements)

Government should come up with plan for media cuts, shutdowns, Hill Times, Mar 2, 2009

Stopping the press, Globe and Mail, Feb 28, 2009

Canwest drops parody suit against printer,, Feb 26, 2009

Aspers losing grip on Canwest empire, Winnipeg Free Press, Feb 23, 2009 – Be sure to check the comments

Canwest’s albatross on the balance sheet, The Globe and Mail, Feb 23, 2009

IJV Protest of Carleton University’s harassment of student organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week, Canpalnet Ottawa, Feb 20, 2009

University of Ottawa and Carleton suppress free speech on Palestine, Feb 20, 2009

Canwest Global shares tumble to historical low on the TSX, Canadian Press, Feb 20, 2009

Canwest seeks financial saviour amid credit crisis, The Globe and Mail, Feb 20, 2009

Exposed: University of Toronto suppresses pro-Palestinian activism,, Feb 18, 2009

Canwest creaks under debtload, may seek protection, Reuters, Feb 12, 2009

BC Civil Liberties Association opposes Canwest’s attempt to loosen license restrictions, BCCLA, Jan 29, 2009

The Return of the Prodigal Daughter: Carel Moiseiwitsch’s This Is a True Story, The Crib Sheet, Jan 25, 2009

Canwest internal memo details severe cost cutting measures, Bill Tieleman’s Blog, Jan 23, 2009

BCCLA calls on City Council to respect freedom of expression for Olympic protesters, BCCLA, Jan 22, 2009

Why let Canwest off the hook?, -30- Blog of Canadian Media Guild President, Jan 22, 2009

Canwest has $33M quarterly loss, debt worry, Yahoo Finance, Jan 14, 2009

Canwest Credit Rating Taken Down A Couple Of Notches, Eh?, Editor and Publisher Blog, Jan 8, 2009

Canwest suit against activists continues,, Jan 5, 2009

Parody and Free Speech in Vancouver,, Dec 27, 2009

Parody Defence Not Available according to BC Court,

Censorship and Canwest, Naeem Siddiqi’s Blog

Media-political complex: Campbell’s Hydro ad and Harper’s shovel, Georgia Straight

Canwest Suit May Test Limits of Free Speech,

B.C. man secretly taped in own home, then sued over comments, story about outrageous SLAPP suit in BC

How I Changed Libel Law, Rafe Mair discusses his case and SLAPP suits in

Canwest wins motion against maker of Sun parody, Stockwatch

Producer of fake Vancouver Sun cannot argue freedom of expression, Georgia Straight

Story of two spoofs and media stupor,

The curious case of Q (Yes Men open door to Sun parody, Q host slams it shut on CBC radio – 4min in)

Media blackout: the story Canadians won’t discuss,

Briemberg, Moiseiwitsch, Murray v Canwest,

Charges send Canwest to $1.02B loss in Q4,

Prank NY Times offers ‘All the news we hope to print’, (which has never reported on the Vancouver Sun parody or Canwest’s lawsuit) also reported in the Washington Post, National Post, Toronto Star and the

CanWest: Oh the Times They Are A-Changin’, Westcoast Indie News

Canwest cuts 560 jobs, five per cent of workforce, Canadian Press

Canwest drops suit against pro-Palestine activist,

Canwest drops lawsuit against Mordecai Briemberg, Georgia Straight

Free speech victory: Canwest drops suit against Mordecai Briemberg, Canadian Dimension blog

Canwest huffs and puffs while free speech burns,

National Post discontinues print edition in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, CBC As It Happens

CanWest’s lawsuit over Sun parody raised at Media Democracy Day, Georgia Straight

Journalist alleges she was told that she’ll never write for CanWest, Georgia Straight

CanWest Global Communications Corp. now a penny stock, Georgia Straight

Why Did I Buy CanWest Stock?,

Canwest stock slips below $1, The Globe and Mail

Creative licence vs copyright law, Common Ground (more info at

Parody distributor SLAPP-ed, Green Left Online (Australia)

YouTube videos on CanWest issues, Social Justice Librarian

Silencing satire, Jewish Peace News

Media giant sues pro-Palestinian activists, Green Left Online (Australia)

Who wins?, New Constant: Journal of Politics and Foreign Affairs.

Canwest: Media Bully, The (unofficial) blog of the BCLA’s Intellectual Freedom Committee and tara robertson’s blog

Free speech not safe from attack by Canadian media corporation, Atlantic Free Press

Media giant CanWest slaps SLAPP suit on Palestinian activists, Tuque Souq

CanWest SLAPP suit muzzles ‘leftie’ critics of Israel, on and

Huffing and puffing to silence criticism of Israel,

Interview with Mordecai Briemberg, Canadian Jewish Outlook, Sept./Oct. 2008

Intellectual Cleansing: PART 1 – Keeping The Media Safe For Big Business, Media Lens UK (scroll to the end of Part 1) – also on

Canadian media attempt to silence on Israel,

Canwest SLAPPs activists over parody,

Free-speech advocates rally for support in lawsuit by media conglomerate, WestEnder

Free speech not safe from attack by Canadian media corporation, Activist Magazine, Znet

TradeMark Troubles by Mordecai Briemberg, in INDEX ON CENSORSHIP

Free speechers call for CanWest to drop suit, SFSC letter in the Georgia Straight

CanWest huffs and puffs while free speech burns, by Carel Moiseiwitsch and Gordon Murray (Palestine Media Collective) in the Georgia Straight

The Palestine Media Collective speaks out on CanWest parody, Press release from the Palestine Media Collective

CanWest publisher defends Briemberg lawsuit to staff, CanWest internal memo published by the Georgia Straight re-prints article without permission – Ironic, given CanWest’s recent copyright disputes,

Seriously Free Speech Committee recognizes CanWest with award, Georgia Straight

Media giant Canwest silences its critics, The Republic of East Vancouver

Vancouver Sun Parody and SLAPP, Social Justice Librarian

Canawest sues Health Canada over “freedom of speech”, Common Ground

SLAPPing dissent, Canadian Jewish Outlook

Fake Sun Lawsuit + A reaction from Mordecai Briemberg, Chinese in Vancouver

Canwest not amused, The Jewish Independent

Frank Challenges CanWest, Georgia Straight

Standing up to the corporate media bully,

CanWest lawsuit defendant Briemberg wins peace award, Georgia Straight

Free speech, if you can afford it, The Globe and Mail /

CanWest’s latest battle: a ‘fake’ newspaper, The Globe and Mail

Litigiously yours, CanWest, Toronto Life

Canada’s Media Bully, Adbusters

Remedial Media, Frank Magazine

Canadian Human Rights Hypocrisy, ZNet

parody+politics=lawsuit from CanWest, The (unofficial) blog of the BC Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee

Criticize CanWest, get sued, The Canadian Journalism Project

Why did Canwest sue me for somthing I didn’t do: an interview with Mordecai Briemberg, Shahrgon (in Farsi and in English)

Canada’s largest media conglomerate sues professor for handing out Israeli anniversary parody edition, Jewish Voice for Peace,

CanWest SLAPPing freedom of speech around,

Suit Looks Strange, Langara College Voice

CanWest Global Goliath Goes After Media David, / Pacifc Free Press / Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

Fake edition of Sun sets off lawsuit, Vancouver Sun

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Q Media Panel on ICCA, cbc radio Nov 19, 2010 (starts at 47:74)
Face to Face with Jack Etkin: Professor Michael Keefer, ICTV Victoria, Oct 7, 2010
Criticize Israel Go to Jail, GroundWire Oct.12-25, 2010
Radio Interview with Michael Keefer, author of Antisemitism Real and Imagined, Rabble/Redeye Podcast, Sept 11, 2010

Canadian Dimension interview about Paraliament and Antisemitism (radio interview podcast with Mordecai Breimberg), ALERT/ podcast, Dec 2, 2009 (Starts at 28:06 minutes into their program and concludes at 46:00 minutes)

Redeye: Finding out about the CPCCA (radio interview podcast with Alan Sears), redeye/ podcast, Nov 25, 2009

Watch newsreel parody about Canwest’s War on Satire,

Podcast of interview with Palestine Media Collective’s Gordon Murray, CKUT Montreal

Watch Freedom of Speech Under Siege webcast,

Brian Campbell Talks about the Big Media Clampdown on Free Speech, Media Democracy Day 2008

Canwest drops lawsuit against political activist, /redeye interview with Anne Roberts

The curious case of Q (Yes Men open door to Sun parody, Q host slams it shut – 4min in)

Interview with NY Times pranksters, CNN

Part 2: Israel, Palestine and the Media ,

Part 1: Media giant tries to muzzle parody,

Mordecai Briemberg is guest speaker at the CUPE Western Library Workers Conference, Working TV

The CanWest: Media Bully video is now available on YouTube or Working TV

Media Blackout: CanWest Global Attacks Drug Ad Laws, Youtube video about Canwest’s “freedom of speech” constitutional challenge to Canada’s drug advertising laws

Interview with Asper Nation author Marc Edge on Redeye, Saturday June 14, podcast on

Golden Gag Award Webcast, Working TV

CanWest: Media Bully Panel Discussion, Working TV

Spanish language interview with Mordecai Briemberg, Radio Canada International (Spanish)

ALERT radio interview with Mordecai Briemberg, Canadian Dimension, posted on podcast network:

Redeye radio Interview with Brian Campbell co-chair of Seriously Free Speech Committee, Vancouver Cooperative Radio CFRO 102.7 FM, posted on podcast network

Gorrilla Radio with Chris Cook, interview with Mordecai Briemberg, Atlantic Free Press Blog Podcasts

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NY Times Spoof

‘We’re Screwed’: Yes Men’s Media Heist Blankets City with ‘Special Edition’ New York Post,, Sept. 21, 2009

Greenpeace Parody of Newspaper Spotlights Climate, New York Times, June 18, 2009 (see web version of International Herald-Tribune parody here)

Story of two spoofs and media stupor,

The curious case of Q (Yes Men open door to Sun parody, Q host slams it shut on CBC radio – 4min in)

Video interview with NY Times pranksters, CNN

April Fools’ Comes Early: Read All About It, New York Times reaction to spoof edition

‘All the news we hope to print’: fake NYTimes, National Post (only spoofs of ‘liberal elite’ newspapers are newsworthy)

Prank NY Times offers ‘All the news we hope to print’, (which has never reported on the Vancouver Sun parody or Canwest’s lawsuit) also reported in the Toronto Star and the

Prank NY Times: `All the news we hope to print’, Washington Post

Liberal pranksters spoof Times, New York Times

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Canadian suppression of free speech on Palestine

Three Examples of Shaw censorship of programs on the Middle East, May 9, 2009

University of Ottawa fires professor who has spoken out on Palestine, April 10, 2009

Toronto School Board investigates group called High Schools Against Israeli Apartheid, April 6, 2009

Canada schools blasted for ban on anti-Israel ‘apartheid’ poster, Haaretz, Feb 26, 2009

Poster Protest, ‘A’ News, Feb 26, 2009

Protesters march over poster ban at Carleton,, Feb 26, 2009

University of Ottawa Bans Israeli Apartheid Week Poster – Call to Action, SPHR U Ottawa, Feb 21, 2009

IJV Protest of Carleton University’s harassment of student organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week, Canpalnet Ottawa, Feb 20, 2009

Political stance has Carleton students fearing expulsion, Ottawa Sun, Feb 18, 2009

Academic Freedom Threatened in Ontario Universities, The Bullet, Feb 18, 2008

Carleton University Administration violates free expression

– Bans and confiscates Israeli Apartheid Week posters, Students Against Israeli Apartheid,

February 18, 2009

Exposed: University of Toronto suppresses pro-Palestinian activism,, Feb 18, 2008

Letter to CRTC from SFSC

May 10, 2009

Mr. Konrad W. von Finckenstein,


Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Mr. Robert A Morin

Secretary General

Canadian Radio-television and telecommunications Commission

Dear Sirs:

On behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee, I am writing to strongly protest a pattern of censorship in which Vancouver Shaw Cable requires its community televisions programs to delete comments or add editorial comments. In one case, in which Shaw editorial comments were added, Shaw still refused to broadcast the program because it would not allow the source of the editorial comments to be disclosed. Thus the company has effectively tried to control the content by framing an analysis and perspective not intended by the programmer or the original program.

Shaw Cable has refused to respond to questions from these community media or other organizations regarding the precise CRTC regulations or Broadcasting Act sections that permit such censorship. A Kafkaesque situation exists where programs are edited because a complaint has been made, apparently to the CRTC, but, the nature of the complaint is withheld because the complaint is before the CRTC. On other occasions, programs are censored before being broadcast. On all occasions, the nature of the complaint is not provided nor is any appeal process made available. Whether or not CRTC regulations or the Broadcasting Act permit such censoring, Shaw is assuming the role of grand inquisitor.

The community programs that have been affected have been produced by Working TV and Vancouver Community Television Association (VCTA). In the three instances addressed here, Shaw Cable refused to broadcast the programs without extensive editing.

In this letter I am addressing three programs all dealing with the political situation in the Middle East. The transcript of the required deletions and additional editorial comments is attached to this letter.

The first program was a taping by VCTA of a Seriously Free Speech panel held at SFU in May, 2008 to educate the public about a lawsuit brought by Canwest against individuals – alleged to have produced a parody of The Vancouver Sun satirising its support for the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The second program was a taping by Working TV of a lecture given at UBC in January, 2009 by Dr. Norman Finkelstein, a renowned scholar and outspoken critic of Israel’s illegal occupation.

The third program was a taping by ICTV of a lecture given by Mr. Ronnie Kasrils, a former minister of the South African government and a renowned activist against racism and apartheid, at the Vancouver Public Library in March, 2009.

We are concerned about the actual deletions and editorial deletions as well as the lack of any defined process or possibility for the creators and programmers to defend their creations.

The Seriously Free Speech committee therefore asks for the following:

– the precise CRTC regulations and sections that permit Shaw Cable to arbitrarily censor programs submitted by community programmers,

– the precise sections of the Broadcasting Act under which the CRTC and Shaw Cable are operating; and

– an investigation into the conduct of Shaw Cable in demanding these deletions and a record of previous deletions and attempts to curtail community programming.

The Seriously Free Speech Committee began in February, 2008 – raising funds for public education and a legal defense of the individuals accused of producing a parody of The Vancouver Sun. It has since expanded its mandate to include public education on a broader range of attempts to suppress full discussion of the situation in the Middle East. As can be seen from a partial list of our honourary members, we have broad support for our campaigns. A full list of honourary members and extensive documentation on our activities is available at HYPERLINK “”

I look forward to a prompt reply to our requests.


Brian Campbell and Anne Roberts


Seriously Free Speech Committee

cc: The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages

House of Commons

Mr. Pablo Rodriguez, Liberal Opposition Critic for Canadian heritage and Official

Languages, House of Commons

Mr. Charlie Angus, NDP Opposition Critic for Heritage and Cultural Issues

House of Commons

Mr. Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw Communications, Inc.,

Ms. Karen Kilba, Shaw Communications, Inc.

Mr. Tom Sandborn, Board of Directors, BC Civil Liberties Association

Ms. Beth Davies, Chairman, Intellectual Freedom Committee, BC Library Association

Mr. Julius Fisher, Working TV

Mr. Pedro Mora, Independent Community TV


A panel at SFU downtown organized by the Seriously Free Speech Committee to inform the community of a lawsuit launched by Canwest against Mordecai Briemberg for allegedly producing a parody of the Vancouver Sun in June 2007 satirizing their support of Israeli’s illegal occupation of Palestine. The program was taped by Pedro Mora and an edited version was prepared for Independent Community TV for broadcast on Shaw cable.

The panel consisted of Mordecai Briemberg, Leo McGrady (QC) – lawyer for Mordecai Briemberg, Muarray Dobbin – journalist and Martha Roth representing Jews for Just Peace and was chaired by Anne Roberts, co-chair of Seriousl Free Speech and a former Vancouver City councillor.

Below are the edits demanded by Shaw TV followed by Pedro Mora’s submission to the CRTC. Pedro Mora was not to identify Shaw as the source of the editorial comment or excising.

Karen Kilba, Shaw TV, wrote

beginning approx. 22:51 in

Mordecai Briemberg (MB) comments on events beginning June 6, 2007 when he attended an event and picked up some copies of a newspaper parody of the Vancouver Sun left on a table @ the event, and distributed them the next day; Canwest (CW) launched a lawsuit against him 6 months later. In MB intro comments he quotes Israel Asper (IA) comments in an interview in the Jerusalem Post in August of 2003: ‘in all our newspapers we have a very strong pro-Israel position … we are the strongest supporter of Israel in Canada.’

immediately following the above intro comments, please add editorial commentin graphic format as follows:

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Since the death of Israel Asper, Leonard Asper and others have managed Canwest and maintained the pro-Israeli editorial position.

beginning approx. 33:16 in

MB continues … ‘CW lawyers stated that they have no documents to support their accusation that I had anything to do with the creation and publishing and distribution of the parody, yet I am the central person they are accusing as responsible for creating, publishing and distributing an undetermined # of the parody. It is not surprising CW cannot produce any documents demonstrating my involvement with the publishing of the parody because I had nothing whatsoever to do with imagining, writing, designing, financing, publishing this parody.’

immediately following the above comments, please add editorial comment in graphic format as follows:

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Mr. Briemberg admits “publishing” in one legal sense of the word, in that he admits that when he found copies of the parody he passed them out to others. When he says he did not publish, he means he had nothing to do with the creation of the parody. He did pass out copies.

beginning approx. 38:33 in

MB concludes … ‘ Because I am devoted to defending and enhancing a democratic culture, I’ve not changed my public expression of opinion or activities since this legal suit was launched against me (clapping). Since CW launched the suit I have been energetic in helping organize a pubic forum for the (Elan Papa-check spelling), the Jewish-Israeli historian and author of a very important book called ‘the ethnic cleansing of Palestine’. Since CW launched the suit I’ve been energetic in helping publish a full page ad in two Canadian papers with signatures of respected Canadians declaring we cannot celebrate the 60th year of the founding of Israel. Since CW launched the suit I have been enthusiastic in participating in a public demonstration solemnly marking the massive injustice of the 60th year of the dispossession of Palestinians from their lands, homes and villages, and I have every intention of continuing this same work (clapping). Fear may be the emotion that prompts CW’s legal suit, but fear is no way to defend democratic culture … and my second comment recognizing that you, like I am confronted by a corporate giant with immense resources, great power, albeit with declining authority I believe, I want to observe that the more of us who involve ourselves in defending a democratic culture, the less vulnerable any one of us is to vendettas. Like a bully in a schoolyard with one kid in his grip, when the other kids stand back, the bully feels emboldened and thirsts for more victims. A bully in a schoolyard with one kid in his grip and others approaching him telling him to let go, feels disempowered and looks for a way out. Together and only together can we succeed.’

These concluding remarks will need to be removed from the program. (Emphasis ours)


Grievance to CRTC about Community Television Regulations.

The hierarchical, autocratic, business model management which CRTC allows cable television operators is oppressing and restricting the potential, input from community television producers.

First, there is no CRTC requirement from cable TV managers to fairly distribute the cable levy to all producers, so grass roots independent community producers get no financial support.

Second, cable companies, with CRTC’s approval, are given absolute authority to regularly and unilaterally preempt any number of community programs to give preference to sports tournaments or charity fundraisers.

Finally, the latest and most unfair management imposition by Shaw TV in Vancouver is the refusing to broadcast a program entitled “Seriously Free Speech”… unless the independent producer would insert three Shaw TV’s comments (attached below FYI).

We, the producers of this program, reluctantly included Shaw TV’s comments adding “Shaw TV management” as the source of those comments:

The program was rejected by Shaw TV again, this time because according to their legal advice, we were not authorized to reveal the authorship of those comments.

The double whammy of this incident is that

…first, it happens to a program about freedom of speech; and

…second, that the management’s supreme authority is legally given by CRTC, (a commission supposedly representing the public interest), to cable company operators, (representing private corporate interests). So thanks to CRTC, private corporate boards have become the ultimate censors of public freedom of speech.

CRTC needs to enable, not exclusively cable corporations as is now, but community television associations, the right to apply for license to operate the originally intended “community channels” on cable television.

Pedro J. Mora – Vancouver Community Television Producer


Dr. Norman Finkelstein was the featured speaker in this program organized by the UBC Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights and Coloured Connected and introduced by photographer/activist Jon Elmes. Dr. Finkelstein is the author of five books and many articles. It was taped by Julius Fisher of Working TV and divided into three segments for broadcast on Shaw. After the first segment aired, there was one complaint resulting in the demand for editing outlined below. The edits were implemented using a ‘beep” over the requested edits.

On 2/19/09 2:48 PM, Karen Kilba of Shaw TV wrote:

TO: Slim Evans Society

Attn: Julius Fisher


We have completed additional review of the three-part Working TV series of the Dr. Norman Finkelstein presentation taped January 21, 2009 @ UBC.

The episodes in the three-part series may air with the noted adjustments:

series title

although it is lengthy, we would suggest (not require) that it might provide additional context for viewers if the full title (see poster below) was included in the show graphics, i.e. ‘What We Can Learn from Gandhi – Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict’, rather than the shortened ‘Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict’

speaker comments

please see transcript and recut requirements related to wording detailed below for episodes 1 and 3

editorial comment

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(Slim Evans Society) Working TV (each episode listed as 27:30)

What We Can Learn From Gandhi – Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict – 3 part series taped January 21, 2009 @ the University of British Columbia and sponsored by Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR UBC) & Colour Connected, this labour focused series presents an episode featuring comments by political scientist and author Dr. Norman Finkelstein, about the recent Israeli attack on Gaza, with an intro by journalist/activist Jon Elmer.

transcript and recut details

Episode #1 of 3

approx. 6:00 in

… this evening is the background to the Gaza massacre. I’m not trying to use that language for its’ incendiary value, but I don’t think it can be properly described as a war when the ratio of those killed is 100 to 1. By any reasonable standard what we witnessed the last couple of weeks was a massacre or slaughter. It can’t reasonably be called a war, if by war we mean an exchange of fighting between two sides. So I will be referring to it as a massacre, a bloodbath, a slaughter, however it works into my remarks …

Bleep first three underlined words

Bleep underlined words in final sentence, or remove this section of comments

approx. 7:55 in

Israel is a Spartan like society. It’s consumed by revenge and bloodlust. Killing Arabs is a sure crowd pleaser and the opinion pools show during the duration of the attack in Gaza, about 90% of the Israelis’ supported it, and so those who sought re-election, not surprisingly, would think of killing Arabs as a way to garner votes.

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approx. 21:50 in

… to Israel’s chagrin and humiliation, the US opted out (of a planned Israeli nuclear attack on Iran in 2008) and went its merry way + Israel’s deterrence capacity, it’s capacity to terrorize the Arab world into submission, it slipped another notch. It was high time to find a defenseless target to annihilate. Enter Gaza, Israel’s favourite shooting gallery.

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approx. 24:57 in

… the operative plan for the Gaza bloodbath is seen by looking @ the authoritative statements released by Israeli officials as the massacre got under way. A reserve major general said – what we have to do is to act systematically with the aim of punishing all the organizations that are firing the rockets and mortars, as well as the civilians who are enabling them to fire and hide …

Bleep underlined words

approx. 25:52 in

… it was a real success, we can’t dispute that. Whereas Israel killed a mere 55 Lebanese during the first two days of the Lebanon war in 2006, the Israeli media exulted @ Israel’s – what they called ‘shock + awe’ as it killed more than 300 Palestinians in the first two days of the attack on Gaza. Was it an accident several days into the slaughter an informed Israeli strategic analyst wrote – the idea of Israeli defense forces which planned to attack buildings + sites populated by hundreds of people, did not warn them in advance to leave, but intended to kill a great many of them, + succeeded. A sometime historian and full time propagandist, Benny Morris, he could barely contain his pride of what he called Israel’s highly efficient air assault on Hamas …

Bleep underlined word

approx. 27:58 in

… as Israel targeted schools, mosques, hospitals, ambulances, UN sanctuaries, as it flattened entire neighbourhoods, as it slaughtered + incinerated Gaza’s defenseless civilian populations, Israeli commentators gloated that – quote – Gaza is to Lebanon as the second sitting for an exam is to the first, a second chance to get it right, and this time Israel had hurled back Gaza – not 20years as it promised to do in Lebanon, but into the 1940’s …

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Episode #3 of 3

approx. 8:50 in

… Mr. Ignatieff, the carpet bagger from Harvard … he says, Israel has the right to defend itself, Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Bleep underlined word

approx. 11:59 in

… Bernie Farber, the head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, he issued a statement … he’s appalled, he’s shocked, he’s filled with repugnance, disgust, because he saw a demonstration … an Israeli flag was being burned … but 400 Palestinian children incinerated … that doesn’t concern him … only an Israeli flag being burned in a demonstration …

Bleep or remove underlined section of comments

approx. 16:00 in

… the horrific crimes being committed by what’s becoming a satanic state (referring to Israel) …

… (talking about his positive outlook) … Jewish liberal defection … last Jewish worldwide backing for state massacre

Bleep underlined words

approx. 22:30 in

… that’s what that Satanic state has turned into … Genghis Khan with a laptop

Bleep underlined word

approx. 28:50 in

… and finally put a stop to that lunatic state (speaking of Israel)

Bleep underlined word


Ronnie Kasrils is a noted politician, activist and former South African cabinet minister. His talk, sponsored by CanPalNet and the UBC chapter of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, was held at Vancouver Public Library as part of the 5th annual International Israel Apartheid Week (March 1 – 8, 2009). Mordecai briemberg and Mike Mullen made introductory comments on behalf of their respective organizations. The program was taped by Pedro Mora on behalf of Vancouver Community Television.

Shaw cable demanded the following edits:

Karen Kilba of Shaw TV wrote:

TO: Vancouver Community Television Association (VCTA)

Attn: Pedro Mora


We have completed additional review of the (VCTA) episode 

Apartheid: from South Africa to Israel. The episode may air with the noted adjustments:

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approx. time in


(Mordecai Briemberg intro comments): … that’s a small example of

the anger that has arisen @ Israeli atrocities

all remaining comments by Ronnie Kasrils


… (speaking of Zionism) … of an ethnic cleansing project that goes

back to 1947/48 and continues to this day … so again, if we fail to

make the proper assessment of Zionism …


… (speaking of British MP, Gerald Kaufman, long time friend of Israel)

… he said this woman (spokeswoman of the Israeli Defense Force) talks

exactly like a Nasi (Nazi?), so we’re not saying it’s a Nasi (Nazi?)

state, but you see there are measures that they use and there’s a

mindset which makes us, again it reminds us of what happens to humans

when they allow themselves this form of self righteousness … and now

for me, one of the most revealing statements that I’ve come across from

the annals of Israeli history was made in 1948, the first minister of

agriculture in Israel (can’t make out name – web search indicates Aharon

Zisling <; ) after the

(can’t make out name-may be Deir Yassin) massacre was revealed in which

240 men, women and children were just butchered by the (can’t make out

name) terrorist group of (sounds like Fata + the Stern gang-see

background below) … now we too have behaved like Nazi’s and my whole

being is shaken …


… (speaking of white prosperous + it’s effects) … now what manner of

people will use this kind of weaponry against other human beings, and

this is where I’m optimistic in the end about human nature, but we’ve

seen from apartheid in S. Africa how decent human beings can be so

bombarded from birth through the whole socialization process in their

home/schools/military that in the end they will dance when they hear

about the hundreds who are perishing, which is what’s been happening in

Israel …


… when you had Palestinians living within the north in the (galelie?),

demonstrating, marching in the street against the butchery in Gaza …

episode overview

(VCTA) (listed as 59:00)

Apartheid: from South Africa to Israel a global justice focused series. This episode features comments from a keynote address by South African politician and activist Ronnie Kasrils taped at an event at the Vancouver Public Library on March 8, 2009 during the 5th Annual International Israeli Apartheid Week (March 1-8, 2009). The program includes introductory remarks by representatives of the event co-sponsors: Mordecai Briemberg of the Canada-Palestine Support Network and Mohammed Mullen of the UBC chapter of Solidarity for Palestine Human Rights. (VCTA now.polling spots air throughout).

originally scheduled to air beginning March 28 (2009)

Note: some shaky, roving cam; audio change when speaker moves to podium

(approx. 47:30)

Response from Pedro Mora, Editor

Dear Karen,

I do understand that Shaw TV management has the prerogative to broadcast or reject community programs according to a set criteria. However, I don’t understand the reason why I should edit out the segments, you and Shaw’s lawyers, have identified.

It would be helpful if your lawyers would explain how Ronnie Kasrils’ speech is infringing on CRTC’s broadcasting regulations. Our “Freedom of Speech” lawyers might be able to clarify with CRTC this puzzle for the benefit of all VCTA supporters.

I will postpone your requested adjustments until we understand the reasons for censoring it.

Looking forward to hearing from your lawyers.

Pedro Mora – Editor

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February 18, 2009

On February 8, Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Carleton University put up 100 posters for “Israeli Apartheid Week”, a series of lectures and public events that will occur on campuses in over 40 cities around the world. On February 9, these posters were taken down at the request of Carleton’s Equity Services, under the rationale that the posters “could be seen to incite others to infringe rights protected in the Ontario Human Rights code” and are “insensitive to the norms of civil discourse in a free and democratic society”

The poster was created by noted cartoonist Carlos Latuff and depicts a situation – a child being killed by aerial bombardment – that occurred over 430 times in Israel’s latest attack on Gaza according to United Nations reports. We encourage everyone to view the poster: Since it depicts a situation that has a factual basis and its intention is clearly to invite people to a lecture series, the notion that it is an incitement or a violation to norms of civil discourse is preposterous.

This is part of a wider pattern of repression of academic freedom and rights to free expression, especially on Israel/Palestine, on Canadian campuses, including Carleton University. It is accompanied by double standards. When 56 Carleton professors asked President Roseanne Runte to condemn Israel’s bombardment of the Islamic University of Gaza, the President refused. Neither the direct killing of hundreds of children nor the direct bombing of a campus are enough to elicit condemnation, but her administration has decided that a poster inviting people to discuss the conflict ought to be banned. Instead of being lauded by their university, students affirming the humanity of all peoples and the universality of international law have been threatened by Carleton University’s Provost with expulsion.

The Carleton administration had already taken a biased political stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and is now violating free expression to prevent alternative views. Both the current and former Carleton Presidents have taken very clear positions on the Israel-Palestine conflict by condemning the academic boycott of Israel out of hand, offering no alternative to this justice-oriented civil-society initiative. Students and faculty at Carleton have requested that the administration hold a public debate on the issue, to allow the Carleton community to determine the most responsible course of action, yet have been repeatedly rebuffed.

Far from defending human rights, the Carleton administration is treating them with contempt. In a memo to students on February 12, the Provost wrote that “all reported incidents of racial or religious intolerance will be investigated vigorously and addressed regardless of the persons or groups involved.” The administration should begin a vigorous investigation of its own behaviour, including its discrimination against students who seek an open debate on a political issue but are being silenced because they happen to disagree with the president’s stand.

That Carleton’s administration is using human rights grounds to violate free expression on its campus is a double insult. Internationally, the movement against Israeli apartheid has been endorsed by hundreds of universities, unions, religious groups and social justice organizations. This campaign is proudly anti-racist, and founded on the principles of opposition to all forms of racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. It draws its inspiration from the global campaign to end South African apartheid and is led by many of the same individuals who were at the forefront of that earlier struggle. By contrast, the administration that banned the poster could not summon enough concern for human rights or the right to education to speak against the bombing of a Gazan university.

  • SAIA Carleton demands that the Carleton University administration:*

1. Immediately lift the ban on the Israeli Apartheid Week poster and publicly apologize for the banning. 2. Explain, publicly and precisely, how the profound error of banning the poster was made and address how to prevent such violations from occurring in future.

3. Sponsor a full public debate– ensuring generous access to the entire university community– on Carleton’s position on the proposed institutional boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

4. Appoint a university/community Commission to investigate the record of the University in relation to democratic discourse and equity around issues of Palestine solidarity.

This attempt to repress free expression will ultimately fail. The Carleton University administration should understand that debates on campuses on some of the most important human rights questions of our times cannot be silenced by administrative rulings.

We call on student organizations, social justice groups and concerned individuals around the world to support students at Carleton and the broader fight for freedom of expression.

  • Please take the following actions:*
  • Immediately email the Carleton University President, Roseanne Runte, at <> demanding that she immediately restore the Charter rights of Carleton students and send a copy of your message of support to Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA Carleton) at <>
  • Call or fax Carleton University President, Roseanne Runte, at 613 520-3801(phone) or 613 520-4474 (fax) demanding that she immediately restore the Charter rights of Carleton students.

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News Releases/Open letters

Dec 11, 2010 – Letter by Michael Keefer to Premier Dalton McGuinty, re: Jenny Peto’s MA thesis

Dec 1, 2010 – SFSC letter to UBC Alma Mater Society, re: Social Justice Centre and the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Nov 10, 2010 – Coalition to push governments, universities to adopt definition of anti-Semitism that outlaws criticism of Israel

April 22, 2010 – SFSC objects to threats against Pride Toronto funding / Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

June 25, 2009 – Letter of support for Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

June 24, 2009 – SFSC denounces Minister’s interference in York academic conference

May 7, 2009 – Letter of support for Al Jazeera English

April 1, 2009 – Canwest slashes muffins, splurges on lawsuits as debt deadline approaches

December 9 – Creator of parody appeals ruling that trademarks trump free speech

November 6 – Canwest retreats – drops suit against Mordecai Briemberg

July 17 – Producers of newspaper parody have right to satirize

June 02 – Canwest wins Golden Gag Award

April 28 – Briemberg wins YMCA international peacemaker award

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Open letter Dec 11, 2010

Letter to The Right Honourable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, re: Jenny Peto’s MA thesis

By Michael Keefer, author of Anti-Semitism: Real and Imagined

Dear Mr. McGuinty,

I am writing to you as a senior member of the teaching profession in Ontario’s college and university sector. I began my teaching career at Centennial College in Toronto nearly forty years ago, resigned from my position there in order to pursue doctoral research in England, and returned to Ontario in 1980—where I was taken on by the English Department of the University of Ottawa in time to have the pleasure of being one of your professors there in 1980-81.

I have taught at the University of Guelph since 1990—and have done external work as well, including service for one year as Chair of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s research grants adjudication committee in Literature, and for two years as President of the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English.

Please forgive this recitation of ‘street-creds’—but since I’m addressing you on a very serious matter, I would like to hope that this letter may receive your personal attention.

I am prompted to write by an extraordinary episode that occurred in the Ontario Legislature on December 7th. Two MPPs, Mr. Steve Clark and Mr. Peter Shurman, rose in the Legislature with questions addressed to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Honourable Eric Hoskins. Both MPPs denounced, in the most strenuous terms, a Master of Arts thesis recently accepted by the University of Toronto. Mr. Clark called it “shockingly anti-Semitic” and “disgusting,” and asked, “What are you doing as Minister of Citizenship to stop the rising tide of anti-Semitism?” Mr. Shurman called the thesis a “hateful and poorly researched paper,” and invited the Minister to “speak up on behalf of Jewish groups who have been so deeply hurt by this piece of garbage and condemn it not as an academic paper but for the hate that it actually is.”

Responding to his questioners with expressions of appreciation, Mr. Hoskins said, “I join them in condemning this attack on Ontario’s Jewish community.” His responses also included a double reference to the pride he felt “earlier this year when the Legislature came together to condemn anti-Semitism on our campuses….”

I would like to draw several issues to your attention.

1. Mr. Shurman is reported in the newspapers as acknowledging that he had not himself read the MA thesis that he denounced in such inflammatory terms. Mr. Hoskins appears not to have read it either—and the wording of his first response would suggest that he believed Mr. Clark also derived his opinions about it at second hand: “I too, was greatly disturbed and in fact disgusted when I read the immediate reports as well.”

In contrast to your colleagues in the Legislature, I have read Ms. Jenny Peto’s MA thesis, The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education. I believe that the language used by the two MPPs and by the Minister to characterize this thesis is very seriously misleading. It is in my opinion a well-researched study with a clearly-defined ethical focus; it makes thoughtful and interesting use of critical race theory to construct a persuasive interpretive framework, and it arrives through close critical analysis at conclusions that could lead into further productive work at the doctoral level.

2. The central argument of Ms. Peto’s thesis—alluded to by Mr. Clark and Mr. Shurman—is that two particular Holocaust education projects, the “March of the Living” and the “March of Remembrance and Hope,” are making instrumental and political use of the appalling history of Jewish martyrdom and suffering in the Shoah, and thereby perpetuating claims to victimhood that, in Ms. Peto’s words, “are no longer based in a reality of oppression,” but rather produce effects that benefit “the organized Jewish community and the Israeli nation-state.”

Harsh though Ms. Peto’s language might seem to some readers, this is in fact an issue that is being vigorously discussed within Israel—perhaps most movingly and brilliantly by the film-maker Yoav Shamir, in his documentary Defamation. In that film’s climactic sequences, Shamir accompanies a group of Israeli teenagers who are being taken to Poland by one of the Holocaust education programs that Ms. Peto’s thesis discusses. There is a sequence in which these adolescents, having toured the site of the death camp at Auschwitz, are overwhelmed by the horror of the place and the appalling scale of the atrocities inflicted there; they huddle together in little groups, weeping. This scene is unforgettable. But scarcely less so is the new hardness that some of the young people then immediately express in relation to the sufferings of the Palestinians living in the territories illegally occupied by their country since 1967.

Shamir’s documentary leaves viewers with a clear sense that this hardness toward the Palestinians is an intended effect of the state-organized program whose workings he has shown us. (I would urge you and your colleagues, Mr. Premier, to watch this film: it is available online at HYPERLINK “; Mr. Clark, Mr. Shurman, and Mr. Hoskins may find it instructive that the argument they object to so vehemently in Ms. Peto’s work is unambiguously supported by Yoav Shamir’s documentary footage.)

3. Arguments similar to those of Ms. Peto’s MA thesis have recently been made by a distinguished Israeli politician, Avraham Burg, in his book The Holocaust is Over, We Must Rise from its Ashes. For a brief account of this book’s relevance to current political debates in Canada, see Gerald Caplan, “A Mideast reading list for Tories willing to learn,” The Globe and Mail (27 August 2010). Noting that Burg, the son of a prominent Israeli cabinet minister, has himself been “a leader of the Labour Party, speaker of the Knesset, and chairman of the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Executive,” Caplan writes that “From the heart of Israel itself, Mr. Burg has the courage to accuse his fellow Israelis of deliberately exploiting the Holocaust as an excuse to treat Palestinians deplorably.”

4. In their remarks in the Legislature on December 7th, the two opposition MPPs and your cabinet colleague agreed that Ms. Peto’s MA thesis is an expression of antisemitic hatred, and an attack on the Jewish community. I would argue that it is crucial for members of the Legislature to recognize that the issue of antisemitism has become heavily politicized in Canada—and that claims made on this subject have with increasing frequency been motivated by a desire to silence legitimate criticism of the actions and policies of the state of Israel by branding them as antisemitism and as hate speech.

Claims motivated in this manner have often taken the form of assertions that Canadian civility and decency are menaced by a “new antisemitism,” in which the traditional antisemitic loathing of Jews and Judaism has mutated into hatred of “the collective Jew” and now takes the form of attempts to demonize and delegitimize the state of Israel.

However, many distinguished contemporary scholars of Judaism and antisemitism have rejected attempts to expand the category of antisemitism by conflating it with criticisms of Israeli state policy and actions. These scholars include the late Raul Hilberg, whose magisterial three-volume work The Destruction of the European Jews (1961) is acknowledged as the seminal study of the Shoah; University of Oxford philosopher Brian Klug, whose writings on antisemitism include “The Collective Jew: Israel and the New Antisemitism,” Patterns of Prejudice (June 2003), and “The Myth of the New Antisemitism,” The Nation (February 2004); Yakov M. Rabkin, Professor of History at the Université de Montréal, whose book Au nom de la Torah: une histoire de l’opposition juive au sionisme (2004) was shortlisted for a Governor-General’s Award; and Marc H. Ellis, Director of the Center for Jewish Studies at Baylor University, a theologian whose nearly two dozen books include The End of Jewish History: Auschwitz, the Holocaust and Palestine (2005).

Their principal reason for rejecting the conflation of antisemitism with criticism of Israeli policies is that its obvious purpose is to deflect attention away from Israel’s systematic violations of international law, including the Geneva Conventions, in its treatment since 1967 of the people of the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

A secondary reason is that this conflation actually detracts from the struggle against real antisemitism. As Professor Yanis Varoufakis of the University of Athens has written, “[W]hen a worthy cause, like that of ‘zero-tolerance to antisemites’, is appropriated by a regressive campaign whose purpose is, in effect, to terminate any critical engagement with the subjugation, repression and expropriation of another people, the Palestinians, then the worthy cause suffers. Antisemites rejoice when criticism of Israel’s Wall in Palestine is equated with antisemitism. For they are suddenly included in the wider community of fair minded people for whom the collective humiliation, mass harassment and disconnection of a whole people from their own backyards, not to mention the rest of the world, constitutes a hideous state of affairs in need of urgent redress.”

5. I have myself published on these subjects. I am the editor and part-author of Antisemitism Real and Imagined: Responses to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (2010), a book described by Gerald Caplan, in the same Globe and Mail article in which he introduced Avraham Burg to Canadian readers, as “indispensable” and “important.” I would note that two matters raised in the Legislature, the first by the comments of Mr. Clark, and the second by Mr. Hoskins’s responses, are dealt with at some length in my book.

6. Mr. Clark asked Mr. Hoskins: “What are you doing as Minister of Citizenship to stop the rising tide of anti-Semitism?” But is there actually, as B’nai Brith Canada has repeatedly asserted, an alarming resurgence of antisemitism in Canada? Recognizing this as an important question, I devoted a long chapter to it in Antisemitism Real and Imagined (“Data and Deception: Quantitative Evidence of Antisemitism,” pp. 165-205). My conclusion, after detailed comparative analysis of the available statistical evidence, was that although Canadian Jews continue to be disproportionately victimized in hate crimes, antisemitic attitudes have declined steadily in recent decades, and Statistics Canada and Toronto Police Service data show declines in antisemitic hate crimes. It would therefore have been appropriate for Mr. Hoskins to reply by expressing a due determination to act firmly against antisemitism and all other forms of racism—and then to have added that according to the best available evidence, there is no “rising tide” of antisemitism in Canada.

7. The second of these two matters was evoked by Mr. Hoskins’s double reference to the pride he felt “earlier this year when the Legislature came together to condemn anti-Semitism on our campuses….” He was alluding to the vote taken in the Legislature on February 25th, 2010, in the presence of just thirty MPPs, to condemn Israeli Apartheid Week as “odious.”

It would have been more appropriate for Mr. Hoskins to feel shame over that vote, which revealed a remarkable level of ignorance among members of the Legislature.

The term “apartheid” was applied with clinical accuracy by Marwan Bishara in 2001 to describe what Israel had done in the Occupied Palestinian Territories from the early 1990s onward, “physically and demographically divid[ing] up the West Bank and Gaza into islands of poverty, or bantustans, while maintaining economic domination and direct control over Palestinian land and natural resources” (Palestine/Israel: Peace or Apartheid [2001], p. 4). The term was re-used by former US President Jimmy Carter in 2006 (Palestine Peace Not Apartheid)—a usage validated in 2007 by Israel Prize laureate and former Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni (“Yes, There is Apartheid in Israel,” CounterPunch [8 January 2007]). And in January 2010, Henry Seigman, the former Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress and current President of the US/Middle East Project of the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote that Israel’s “relentless” construction of new settlements “seems finally to have succeeded in locking in the irreversibility of its colonial project. As a result of that ‘achievement’ […] Israel has crossed the threshold from ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ to the only apartheid regime in the western world” (“Imposing Middle East Peace,” The Nation [7 January 2010]).

More conclusively, in May 2009 the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa published a report produced by a team of South African and international jurists and entitled Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid?: A Reassessment of Israel’s Practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Under International Law ( HYPERLINK “; ). This report came to the conclusion that Israel’s rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is “a colonial system that implements a system of apartheid.”

Mr. Hoskins is proud to have condemned as unacceptable and hateful any application of the term “apartheid” to the structures of land theft, cantonment, and racialized subjugation, separation, and oppression of a subject-population that characterize Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. But South African legal scholars have had direct and bitter experience in their own country of the realities of apartheid. Are we to believe that members of the Ontario Legislature know better than they do what apartheid is?

I would propose, in concluding, that the issue at hand is not one of whether we should provide Holocaust education to our children. I have strong feelings on this subject: I have traveled widely in Poland, and during those travels have walked on what I regard as sacred ground—in the vacant spaces that are all that remain of synagogues in Lodz and Lublin, in the surviving Old Synagogue in Kazimierz, in the gas-chamber at Majdanek, and in the hillside monument of shattered gravestones that is Kazimierz Dolny’s only memorial to the fifty percent of the town’s population who were murdered in the Shoah. What is at issue is not the question of whether our children should know this history, so they can dedicate themselves to ensuring that horrors of this kind can never be repeated: all of us, surely, believe this should be the case.

What is at issue, rather, is our right to subject the various representations of and responses to that history to lucid criticism and analysis—and to speak out openly when it appears that they are being used, not to bring young people into a determination to stand up against injustice, but instead to desensitize them to present-day actualities of dispossession, oppression, and suffering.

Ms. Jenny Peto has exercised that right in an MA thesis that in my opinion deals courageously with difficult and painful materials. I honour her for it.

I hope, Mr. Premier, that you and your fellow leaders in the Ontario Legislature—the Speaker of the House, the members of your cabinet, and the leaders of the two opposition parties, Ms. Horwath and Mr. Hudak—may be able to provide the appropriate leadership to bring other MPPs to an understanding of the principles of university autonomy and academic freedom, and the underlying principle that the intellectual work of universities must not be constrained by political interference.

I hope you may be able as well to inculcate a fuller recognition among members of the Legislature of the meaning of parliamentary decorum. Behaviour reminiscent of the denunciatory antics of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the early 1950s does not enhance the dignity of our Legislature—and there is reason to believe that the statements made by Mr. Clark, Mr. Shurman, and Mr. Hoskins amount to an abuse of parliamentary privilege. It would appear that none of the three MPPs had direct knowledge of Ms. Peto’s MA thesis, and Mr. Shurman’s remark, reported by the National Post on December 9th, is particularly shocking in its casualness: “He hasn’t read the paper, but nonetheless owes it to his largely Jewish constituents to defend Israel on their behalf, he said.”

All three MPPs made statements which, if spoken outside the Legislature, without the protection of parliamentary privilege, would be recognized under Canadian law as libelous. I believe there are good grounds for rejecting these statements as irresponsible, ill-informed, and untrue. I would recommend, then, that the Legislature exercise its own collective parliamentary privileges—which include the power to discipline its members—by requiring Mr. Clark, Mr. Shurman, and Mr. Hoskins to withdraw and apologize for their remarks.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,

Michael Keefer
Professor, School of English and Theatre Studies
University of Guelph.

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SFSC letter Dec 1, 2010

Letter to Mr. Bijan Ahmadian, UBC AMS President and AMS Councilors, re: Social Justice Centre and the Canadian Boat to Gaza

I am writing on behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee. We have recently become aware of the attacks and defamatory comments made by students associated with the Hillel Centre, and the Hillel Centre itself, about the Social Justice Centre and the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights Committee regarding their donation to the Canadian Boat to Gaza as part of the next freedom flotilla.

The Seriously Free Speech Committee was formed 2 ½ years ago to defend three individuals who published a parody of the Vancouver Sun and its uncritical support for Israel’s illegal siege of Gaza. We have since been forced to recognize that individuals who support justice in the Middle East or who engage in critical debate on Israel/Palestine are subject to the most horrendous personal slanders and organizational attacks. We have therefor expanded our mandate to support and defend those individuals and organizations.

What the AMS is experiencing has happened on many campuses across Canada and the US. In some cases it has cost principled academics their teaching positions and students their academic year. The attacks slander the individuals but in no instance do they actually deal with the actual living circumstances of Israel’s siege. Every opponent is labelled “antisemitic”, “a self-hating Jew” or “delegitimizer of Israel”. The intention of these slanders is to force critics to defend themselves rather than to force the supporters of Israel to answer legitimate questions about Israel’s actual actions. The Hillel Centre letter and other actions consist of so many mendacious comments and fabrications that it would take an extended letter to fully deal with them.

Briefly the siege of Gaza is illegal, the freedom flotilla boats are acting within international law and a war against a small country under siege and without weapons is not a war but a massacre. Justice Goldstone has written a balanced report on the Gaza massacre which has earned him the vindictive slander of ”evil, evil man” by Israeli supporters.

On George Galloway, Justice Mosely of the Canadian Federal Court in a September decision completely vindicated George Galloway and allowed him to enter Canada. Part of his decision is relevant to your decision:”To suggest, however, that contributions to Hamas for such purposes [food, medical care] makes the donor a party to any terrorist crimes committed by the organization goes beyond the parliamentary intent and the legislative language. The purpose to which the funds are donated must be to enhance the ability of the organization to facilitate or carry out a terrorist activity. Absent such a purpose, the mere assertion that material support was provided to such an organization is not sufficient. To hold otherwise could ensnare innocent Canadians who make donations to organizations they believe, in good faith, to be engaged in humanitarian works.” Clearly the Canadian Boat to Gaza is carrying humanitarian relief for besieged Gazans, and not to Hamas, and cannot be tarred with the accusation of providing aid to the elected government of Gaza, Hamas.

Finally reference has been made to the Ottawa Protocol emerging from the Ottawa Conference of the Inter-parliamentary Coalition Combating Antisemitism. There is a significant literature criticizing this conference and its predecessors (including the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism) for attempting to conflate criticism of Israel with antisemitism. There is demonstrable evidence that traditional antisemitism, hostility to Jews as Jews, is a marginal phenomenon in Canada and on Canadian campuses. What is increasing is criticism of Israel’s actions. However, these conferences choose to examine antisemitism instead of the more prevailing racism directed against First Nations, Muslims, blacks and many others.

Speaking of transparency, no one knows who attended the conference and how the $450,000 government grant was spent. We do know the participants were not representing their governments, were volunteers and many of them were part of a small group of academics and parliamentarians who go from one conference and workshop to the next trying to make criticism of Israel or support for the besieged Gazans illegal.

In summary, the attacks on SJC and SPHR are part of broad campaign to undermine those opposed to Israel’s actions. If the AMS wants to more fully understand the issues raised by the supporters of Israel, it could organize an forum to allow all sides to be heard. The SFSC would be happy to participate or support such a venture.


Brian Campbell
Co-Chair, Seriously Free Speech Committee

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News release Nov 10, 2010

Coalition to push governments, universities to adopt definition of anti-Semitism that outlaws criticism of Israel

Free speech advocates warn that Canadians face severe restrictions on freedom of expression if the definition of anti-Semitism recommended in Ottawa this week is adopted.

The definition of anti-Semitism advocated by the self-styled Inter-Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism (ICCA) would outlaw legitimate political opinion as a means to silence criticism of Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.
According to the Seriously Free Speech Committee, if governments and other bodies adopt the proposed definition contained in the Ottawa Protocol, the following statements would be condemned or criminalized:

• I consider Israel’s bombardment of Gaza in 2009 that resulted in the killing of 1,400 Palestinians, many of them children, to be a crime against humanity.
• Israel’s apartheid policies make it an appropriate target for an international campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions

“Whether or not Canadians agree with these examples, surely they agree that these are political opinions that should be protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” said Brian Campbell, co-chair of the committee formed to encourage free and open debate about the contentious issues in the Middle East.

The committee is particularly concerned that the ICCA plans to target universities to silence students who have organized increasingly popular Israel Apartheid Weeks and supported the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement against the State of Israel, similar to the international campaign waged against South Africa.

“Israel’s supporters are using charges of a new anti-Semitism to intimidate people who describe Israel as an apartheid state or who encourage others to boycott Israeli products, “said Campbell. “The ICCA and its Canadian off-shoot, the CPCCA, are essentially lobbyists for Israel. “

According to the committee, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s pledge to the ICCA conference that Canada would defend Israel no matter what the cost and no matter what Israel has done is a chilling sign that the government will impose the new definition of anti-Semitism contained in the Ottawa Protocol.

Campbell challenged the ICCA’s claim that there has been a dramatic increase in antisemitism that warrants restricting Canadians right to free speech. “Their alarming statistics rely on reported incidents, not incidents that were investigated and determined to be discriminatory or hateful.” B’nai Brith’s annual surveys of anti-Semitism have been widely criticized for their poor methodology and exaggerated claims.

According to Joanne Naiman, retired Ryerson University professor and SFSC member, there is no evidence of an increase in anti-Semitism in Canada. In fact, statistics show that anti-Semitism is at an all-time low and Jewish leaders agree that Jews in Canada do well and feel safe.” She concluded that the ICCA and its Canadian counterpart have been trying to inflate and reframe the statistics to justify a crackdown on critics of Israel.

“It is actually the Ottawa Protocol, in true Orwellian fashion, that is trying to blur the lines between true anti-Semitism and criticism of the Israeli state,” she said. “The protocol says it is anti-Semitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel when, in fact, it is the Israeli government that repeatedly tries to conflate the State of Israel with Jewish people. For example, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently referred to himself as ‘leader of the Jewish people.’”

“We must all be vigilant against real anti-Semitism — discrimination against Jews simply because they are Jews — but we must not allow people to use charges of antisemitism to limit free speech and to stifle criticisms of violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people,” she said.

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Letter to Toronto Mayor: April 22, 2010

SFSC objects to threats against Pride Toronto funding because of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

April 22, 2010
Mr. David Miller, Mayor City of Toronto

Dear Mr. Mayor:
We are writing to express the strong objections of the Seriously Free Speech Committee to comments made by Mike Williams, GM, Economic Development and Culture and Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, City Manager of Diversity Management and Community Engagement regarding funding for Toronto Pride as quoted in the April 19, 2009 Toronto Star.
Their comments are directed at controlling the political free expression of organizations in the Toronto Gay Pride parade, particularly the organization Queers Against Israel Apartheid (QuAIA). QuAIA is an organizational name that encapsulates both its members political analysis and their groups position on the social organization of Israeli society.
Mr. Williams is cited as saying that the participation of QuAIA in the Gay Pride parade violated the City of Toronto’s anti-discrimination policy. The policy, however, “prohibits discrimination and harassment and protects the right to be free of hate activity” based on a number of categories including “ethnic origin,….political affiliation [and], race”. Having an organizational name or slogan and literature which states a political position does not constitute discrimination. Using the term apartheid is not related to ethnic identity, race or political affiliation but to the political actions of the State of Israel and its governing ideology, Zionism. Opposition to the policy of a state is not hate speech.
To deny QuAIA’s participation in the Toronto Pride parade on the basis of its political expression would be against Sec. 2 (b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Ms. Ramkhalawansingh stated that racism creates a “poisoned environment” .. “where not everyone feels welcome”. Again, criticism against state policy does not constitute racial harassment based on race, colour or ancestry as defined by the Ontario Human Rightrs Code. It is political comment and opposition to a political ideology – in this instance, Zionism, and its practices in Israel. Zionism as a political ideology is supported by many Jews, but not all Jews and perhaps not even the majority. It is supported by some Christians but not all Christians.
Your staff are incorrect in asserting that describing Israel as apartheid is a form of racial harassment. Political criticism might make people feel uncomfortable but freedom of speech trumps feelings of comfort. Basing funding decisions or laws on someone’s subjective feeling will lead to a point where there is no freedom for public debate. The apartheid criticism of Israel is not directed against individuals but against the State of Israel. Some organizations or individuals might not appreciate criticism against a government they support or its governing ideology. They might even try to have such speech suppressed through financial pressure or outlawed but such criticism is not racist harassment.
The City of Toronto is embarking on a very dangerous approach to working with community groups by seeking to suppress political free speech as a condition of funding. It must publicly reverse the threats against Pride Toronto.
The Seriously Free Speech Committee was formed in February, 2008 to defend individuals who were being sued by Canwest for producing a parody of The Vancouver Sun and its one-sided coverage of the Israel occupation of Palestine.

Brian Campbell
Co-chair, Seriously Free Speech Committee
cc: Toronto City Councilors

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Letter to Pride Toronto: June 25, 2009

SFSC supports Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

June 25, 2009

Pride Toronto

P.O. Box 371, Station F, Toronto, Ontario
 M4Y 2L8

To members of the Pride Toronto Parade Committee

I am writing on behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC) to congratulate you on your steadfast response to attacks from a range of media and pro-Zionist organizations attempting force the exclusion of this year’s parade grand marshal, El-Farouk Khaki, for speaking at a recent public event organized by Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. Your statement that Pride Toronto “has no intention of banning any participants from the Dyke March and the Parade because of their political agenda” is a courageous response to B’nai Brith and other organizations that seek to silence criticism of Israel for its illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.

The attack against Pride Toronto follows attempts to censor readings of Seven Jewish Children, the art of Queer Jewish artist Reena Katz and attempts by several universities to shut down Israeli Apartheid Week. Each time these attempts at censorship are beaten-back, Israeli and Zionist propaganda suffers a setback, making it more difficult for Zionist organizations to claim that criticizing Israel is anti-semitic.

The Seriously Free Speech Committee is committed to supporting those who are attacked for opposing the continuing illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and demanding a full and truthful debate on Israeli’s colonial, apartheid State. SFSC began as a defense committee for three individuals who were being sued by Canwest for producing a parody of the Vancouver Sun, satirizing the pro-Israeli position of this newspaper and all Canwest newspapers. It has now been two years since the parody was published and the case is still before the Courts. You can find find details of the court case and campaign at SFSC extended its mandate to defending those who are attacked for their support for Palestinian self-determination. Defending those who speak-out is an integral part of defending Palestinians.

The Seriously Free Speech Committee stands in solidarity with your refusal to exclude Queers Against Israeli Apartheid from the Pride Toronto Parade.


Brian Campbell

Co-chair, SFSC

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Letter to Minister Goodyear: June 24, 2009

SFSC denounces Minister’s interference in York academic conference

Hon. Gary Goodyear

Minister of State for Science and Technology

117 Confederation Building, House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6


re: Conference at York University entitled, “Israel/Palestine: mapping models of statehood and prospects for peace”

Dear Honourable Minister:

The Seriously Free Speech Committee is writing to denounce your overt political interference in the arms-length peer-reviewed granting process of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

In your public statement of June 5, 2009, you claim that your government “is committed to the principle of academic independence and the independent, arms-length, peer review process.” But your actions and the rest of your June 5 statement directly contradict this claim.

A principal role of academic freedom at universities in democratic societies is to allow a full, open debate of controversial issues. For a minister to attempt to derail an academic conference on behalf of a special interest group — especially one that has recently given the Prime Minister a public service award — compromises the integrity and public purpose of universities.

Your suggestion that the conference is “no longer an academic research-focussed event” reveals that you are trying to limit academic freedom and shut down debate on the vitally import issue of peace in Israel/Palestine on which the government has consistently taken the Israeli side.

It’s a dangerous precedent for a minister to intervene personally with an independent granting council president to suggest the review of funding for an academic conference in response to pressure from special interest groups. Political pressure groups have openly admitted to lobbying the government to deny funding to this conference and are claiming victory now that you have intervened.

We view your action as part of a pattern of increasing efforts to limit freedom of speech around Palestinian rights on Canadian universities over the last two years that is inimical to the values of an open democratic society. Although your call for a second peer review of the conference did not succeed, we call on you to uphold the principles of academic freedom in the future and to apologise for your unjustifiable interference in this case.

The Seriously Free Speech Committee was formed in February 2008 to support public education and the legal defense of the individuals accused of producing a parody of The Vancouver Sun that satirised Canwest’s pro-Israel bias. It has since expanded its mandate to include public education on a broader range of attempts to suppress full discussion of the situation in the Middle East. As can be seen from a list of our honourary members on this web page, we have broad support for our campaigns.


Brian Campbell and Anne Roberts


Seriously Free Speech Committee

cc: Carmen Charette

Executive Vice-President

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

350 Albert Street

P.O. Box 1610

Ottawa , ON K1P 6G4

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Letter to CRTC: May 7, 2009

SFSC supports Al Jazeera English cable license

Canadian Radio and Television Commission

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2

Re. Al Jazeera broadcast application

On behalf of the Seriously Free Speech Committee, we are writing to urge the CRTC to permit Al Jazeera English (AJE) to begin broadcasting in Canada without expensive, unnecessary and discriminatory conditions.

The Seriously Free Speech Committee was formed in response to a grievous attack on free speech by CanWest Media when it launched legal action against people who produced a parody that satirized The Vancouver Sun’s biased coverage of Israel and Palestine. Committed to free and open expression of debate on these contentious issues, our committee is concerned about the extent of CanWest’s control over media in Canada and its abuse of this power to restrict the free flow of information and free debate.

It seems incredible that AJE’s application is not a matter of a routine approval when Al Jeezera already broadcasts in more than 100 countries and AJE is allowed in some cable and satellite services in the US as well as items produced by Al Jeezera broadcast on Public Broadcasting Service in the US.

Many SFSC members regularly view AJE through the internet and visit Al Jeezera’s website to seek out information not readily available through Canadian news sources. It is exciting to be able to find a network that allows people outside the dominant countries of North America and Europe to give their own version of events. It is refreshing to find a news network that remains committed to what has become an old-fashioned idea about journalism in North America: speaking truth to power.

At a time when Canadian newspapers and broadcasters are reducing coverage of foreign news, shutting down foreign bureaus and eliminating news reporting staff, it is even more critical that Canadians can easily access international coverage of key events. Simply put, the CRTC should approve Al Jeezera English because in this globalized age, people want and need news from around the globe. In the long run, competition by AJE might even serve to improve the job Canadian networks do covering international news.

It is unfortunate that Al Jeezera has been tarred by the fear and war-mongering of the United States government, thus depriving many people of an important alternative source of news and information. We are convinced that once people have an opportunity to watch AJE on their television sets, they will reject the accusations that the network is racist and propagandistic.

Al Jeezera cannot be accused of being anti-Jewish. It is standard news practice to present reports of things said and done that are objectionable but that are newsworthy and relevant to the general public. That does not mean that Al Jeezera agrees with or promotes those positions. As proof, note that even Israel makes Al Jeezera available on its TV network. YES TV describes Al Jeezera as more balanced and fair than the BBC. From the news coverage that we have seen on Al Jazeera’s website, we conclude that the network is not nearly as radical and offensive as daily offerings on the FOX network.

We urge the CRTC to approve AJE’s application as soon as possible and trust that the cable and satellite providers will make available this important alternative news source to all Canadians across the country. It is vitally important that Canadians have a broad menu of choices when seeking news and information and Al Jazeera is a significant option to provide what no other network in the world can provide.

Sincerely yours

Anne Roberts and Brian Campbell

Co-chairs of Seriously Free Speech Committee

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News Release: April 1, 2009

Debt deadline approaches –Canwest slashes muffins, splurges on lawsuits

Note to editors: This is not an April Fool’s joke

VANCOUVER – Facing bankruptcy protection if it misses a debt repayment deadline on April 7, 2009 and having missed a $38 million interest payment to bondholders on March 15, Canwest Global Communications Corp. (TSX:CGS) is aggressively cutting back on food at meetings while forking over six-figure legal fees for a vanity lawsuit that targets political satirists.

Lawyers familiar with Canwest’s civil suit against the creators of a parody of the Vancouver Sun (that satirised its pro-Israel bias) estimate the company has already spent $80,000-$100,000 on legal fees. During the 16-month pre-trial phase of the case Canwest’s lawyers filed four divergent versions of its statement of claim. They recently applied for a trial in BC Supreme Court on April 20, 2009 that could easily double the company’s total disbursements.

In a pre-trial hearing for the case Canwest’s lead lawyer, David Church, QC, admitted that the company has no documentation of any financial loss suffered from the parody. Nevertheless, Canwest’s litigation juggernaut is proceeding full speed ahead against the pesky parodists in a legal manoeuvre that Michael Bate, the former editor of Frank magazine, described as “going after a fly with a hammer.”

Meanwhile, Canwest’s muffin cost-cutting zeal knows no bounds. They have instituted a company-wide “immediate freeze on all food at meetings… this includes previously funded or subsidised coffee/snacks/drinks,” according to an internal memo by Canwest Publishing President and CEO, Dennis Skulsky obtained by columnist Bill Tieleman ( The memo also encouraged staff to take unpaid vacations perhaps because Canwest’s slashing of 560 jobs last fall was not putting enough pressure on the company’s remaining workforce.

Skulsky concludes his memo with heartfelt thanks, “your involvement, support and hard work to maximize our cost savings initiatives are sincerely appreciated.” Canwest employees are no doubt teary-eyed with gratitude that their efforts to pinch pennies are being wisely spent to pound satirical critics. Some whiners and slackers might say “keep the muffins and drop the suit” but, as the company’s approach to the current financial crisis shows, bosses know best.

For more information contact:

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News Release: 9 Dec. 2008

Creator of parody appeals ruling that trademarks trump free speech

Gordon Murray, who is being sued by media giant Canwest for publishing a Vancouver Sun parody, is appealing a preliminary court ruling that the freedom of expression provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms do not provide any defence for Copyright or Trademark infringement.

If this initial decision stands, it would be a serious blow to the fundamental right of free speech in Canada. As Canwest’s flagship National Post rightly said in a May 2008 editorial: “the principles of free expression have to be guarded stringently in a liberal democracy.”

The notice of appeal, filed Friday in BC Supreme Court, argues that the procedural ruling relied on a single case that has been superceded by a later Supreme Court decision. The appeal also quotes a recent ruling concerning a spoof website created by a union during a labour dispute: “a reasonable balance must be struck between the legitimate protection of a party’s intellectual property and a citizen’s or union’s right of expression.”

Murray and Carel Moiseiwitsch, both long-time supporters of the rights of Palestinians, are being sued by Canwest for producing a four-page parody of The Sun that satirized the paper’s biased reporting in favour of Israel. The Asper family, the majority shareholders of Canwest, are outspoken supporters of Israel. Mordecai Briemberg was initially named as a defendant but Canwest dropped legal action against him last month.

The case has generated international support calling on Canwest to drop this classic SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) intended to intimidate and silence political opponents, said Anne Roberts, co-chair of the Seriously Free Speech Committee, created to fight back against the legal action.

On November 28, the BC Federation of Labour’s annual convention unanimously passed a resolution to support the defendants against Canwest’s suit. The defendants have already received support from a long roster of individuals and organizations, including Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, MP Libby Davies, BC Civil Liberties Association, BC Teachers Association, Pen Canada, and the Canadian Library Association.

“The grassroots support for this case is amazing,” Murray said. “Our collective action is the best defence against corporate and government attacks on civil rights.”

The full ruling and the appeal can be downloaded from here.

For more information, contact:

Anne Roberts, Co-chair, SFSC

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News release: 6 Nov. 2008

Canwest drops suit over parody against Mordecai Briemberg

Legal retreat by media conglomerate hailed as victory for free speech campaign

Vancouver — A campaign to defend free speech pushed media giant Canwest to drop its legal suit against Mordecai Briemberg over a parody of The Vancouver Sun.

“This is proof that people can stand up to bullies who misuse and abuse the courts to attack their political opponents,” said Anne Roberts, a co-chair of the Seriously Free Speech Committee that was formed to defend Briemberg, a retired academic and this year’s winner of the YMCA International Peace Award.

Briemberg called it was “a significant victory,” but only a first step. The campaign will continue until Canwest also abandons legal action against Gordon Murray and Carel Moiseiwitsch, who produced the parody in June 2007 that satirized Canwest’s well-known anti-Palestinian and pro-Israel bias. Canwest’s founder, Izzy Asper, described the media conglomerate in 2003 as “the strongest supporter of Israel in Canada.”

The committee organized an international effort, including a petition, letters, a YouTube video, leafleting of public events sponsored by Canwest, and public forums, and garnered support from Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, MP Libby Davies, labour leader Jim Sinclair, author Joy Kogawa and UBC planning professor Bill Rees.

“Canwest’s attempt to silence and intimidate the public expression of views antithetical to those of the Asper family backfired,” Briemberg said. “Our campaign has been endorsed by civil liberties groups, library associations, teacher organizations, and trade unions. Instead of silencing our voices, it has amplified them.”

The political activists’ ordeal of being dragged through the courts for the past 10 months highlights the need for BC to re-enact anti-SLAPP legislation that discourages suits in which plantiffs have no intention of winning but pursue in order to burden individuals with legal costs until they abandon their criticism or opposition. An anti-SLAPP law was passed by the NDP government in April 2001 but repealed in August shortly after the Liberals gained power.

At least 24 states in the United States have adopted anti-SLAPP legislation and Quebec introduced an anti-SLAPP bill in June.

For more information email

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Producers of newspaper parody have right to satirize

Activists confirm Briemberg not involved

The Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC), formed to defend Mordecai

Briemberg against a SLAPP suit filed by Canwest, issued a statement today in

response to the announcement by two activists that they were the sole

creators of a parody of the Vancouver Sun published in June 2007. (See


The SFSC applauded their courage in taking responsibility, confirming that,

as Briemberg has said, he had nothing to do with publishing the parody.

At the same time, the SFSC believes that Carel Moiseiwitsch and Gordon

Murray have a right to satirize the Sun’s blatant pro-Israel bias in its

news coverage and will support them against this legal attack by Canwest,

the media giant that owns the Sun, the National Post, Global TV network, the

Vancouver Courier plus 10 other metropolitan papers across Canada.

Canwest’s suit against Briemberg, Moiseiwitsch and Murray is an attack on

free speech and an act of political intimidation against people who support

the rights of Palestinians and oppose the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands.

The SFSC is calling on Canwest to drop this suit in recognition of the

importance to a healthy democracy to have media that allows and encourages a

full and open discussion of such contentious issues as Israel and Palestine.

For more information, contact:

Brian Campbell, Co-chair, SFSC

Anne Roberts, Co-chair, SFSC

Moiseiwitsch and Murray’s statement can be read here.

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July 17, 2008

Seriously Free Speech Committee Statement

The Seriously Free Speech Committee (SFSC) was formed in early March, 2008

in response to a December, 2007 Writ of Summons issued by Canwest against

Mordecai Briemberg. In the writ, Mordecai was accused of helping to

conceive, produce and distribute a parody of The Vancouver Sun in June,

2007. Canwest has admitted in writing it had no documents to substantiate

its accusations. Mordecai did nothing more than pick up a few copies of the

parody at a Vancouver Public Library meeting and hand them out at a bus


The Committee has two main purposes: 1) to act as a defence committee for

Mordecai Briemberg and 2) to defend the right to produce political parody.

The SFSC first learned on June 9, 2008 from Gordon Murray, a member of the

SFSC, that he produced the parody and intended to take full responsibility.

We recognize his courage for taking responsibility. Mordecai Briemberg and

the SFSC understands the toll that such an admission takes in both personal

stress and finances.

Today’s statement by Carel Moiseiwitsch and Gordon Murray that they were

solely responsible for the conception and production of the parody confirms

what Mordecai Briemberg and the SFSC has said from the beginning. Canwest

did nothing to find out the truth but made false accusations against

Mordecai Briemberg, also naming three John Doe’s and three Jane Doe’s. The

suit is an attack on the right of free speech and a political vendetta. The

SFSC is calling on Canwest to drop this suit against Mordecai Briemberg.

The SFSC believes that Carel Moiseiwitsch and Gordon Murray have a right to

satirize The Vancouver Sun. The satire was not a fake newspaper seeking to

steal market share, sell a product or gain commercial advantage. Rather, it

was legitimate political commentary based on a long standing tradition of

satire reaching back to Jonathon Swift. The suit is motivated by Canwest’s

support for Israel and its antagonism to these activists’ long-standing

opposition to Israel’s occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

The Seriously Free Speech Committee will continue to support Mordecai

Briemberg until all the accusations and court proceeding are dropped and

will support Carel and Gordon against this legal attack by Canwest. This is

not about trademark violation but is an act of political intimidation.

The issue is very clear. Do people have the right to produce satire? Many

organizations and individuals such as the British Columbia Civil Liberties

Association, the Canadian Library Association, the British Columbian

Teachers Federation, CEP Local 200 (the union representing journalists) and

Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, support the right

to create satire and oppose Canwest’s political intimidation.

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June 2, 2008 – This year’s Golden Gag Award will be presented to Canwest, Canada’s largest media empire, at noon on Friday (June 6) at the Granville Square, 200 Granville St., the home of the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers.

Sponsored by the Seriously Free Speech Committee, the award recognizes individuals or companies who have excelled in limiting free speech, intimidating opposing points of view, and the skilled use of SLAPP suits to attempt to silence critics.

Committee spokesperson Jef Keighley said what clinched the award for Canwest was the way it went overboard in filing a suit against retired academic Mordecai Briemberg for producing a parody of the Vancouver Sun.

“Not only did Canwest use all legal means to crack down on humourous criticism of the company’s pro-Israel positions, they filed a suit against a person who had nothing to do with producing it,” he said. “The company’s audacity and aggressiveness simply took our breath away.”

The Golden Gag Award is to be presented at a ceremony featuring former journalist and historian Marc Edge, author of the book Asper Nation; Mordecai Briemberg, this year’s winner of the YMCA’s international Power of Peace Award; and well-known US social activist, singer and songwriter David Rovics.

Committee organizers plan to present the award to Patricia Graham, editor-in-chief of the Vancouver Sun, on behalf of the owners of Canwest, a media conglomerate that owns The National Post, 10 metropolitan newspapers, 30 community papers, 80 magazines, speciality cable channels and the Global Television Network as well as newspapers and radio stations in other countries.

Other nominees for the prize included Barrick Gold Corp., which is suing a small Quebec publisher over a book that alleges the company played a role in the expropriation of land belonging to Tanzanian miners more than a decade ago, and the municipality of Powell River, which is suing several citizens for criticizing town development plans.

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April 28 — Mordecai Briemberg, retired Douglas College ESL teacher and well-known campaigner for the rights of Palestinians and an end to war and racism, won the YMCA’s Power of Peace Award on the weekend.

The YMCA of Greater Vancouver picked Briemberg for the International Peacemaker award from a field of nine nominees to honour people working to change the world.

Nominated by, Vancouver’s largest anti-war coalition, Briemberg, 69, traces his life-long effort for peace back to the 1950s when as a Rhodes scholar he studied in England and was inspired by Bertrand Russell, then in his 90s, engaging in civil disobedience against nuclear weapons.

While teaching sociology at Simon Fraser University in the 1960s, Briemberg helped establish the Committee to Aid War Objectors to provide support for American war resisters seeking refuge in Canada. His anti-nuclear weapon campaigns continued in Vancouver with End the Arms Race and the efforts to free jailed Israeli nuclear program whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu.

To Briemberg, work to support Palestinian in accordance with international law, human rights laws, and United Nations resolutions on the conflict, is simply consistent with the moral values and idealism imparted to him by his Jewish parents while growing up in Edmonton.

Briemberg went on to help found the Canada-Palestine Network (CanPalNet) and served on the board of the Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation whose projects include providing mental health services for Palestinian children traumatized by violence.

Briemberg’s commitment to education extends beyond the classroom. Briemberg helped found a newspaper called the Western Voice and is now a host of Co-op Radio’s Redeye program.

The YMCA’s peace awards began 20 years ago to recognize individuals who are “proof that each of us has the power to create a more peaceful world and that every individual effort can make a difference.” Since 1987, more than 900 individuals and groups across the country have received YMCA peace medallions for work locally, with youth and internationally.

Briemberg is currently being sued by Canwest Global, owners of The Vancouver Sun and The Province, for producing a parody of The Sun and its pro-Israel editorial policies. Though Briemberg had nothing to do with the production of the parody, Canwest cited his pro-Palestinian work as the reason he is being sued. The Seriously Free Speech Committee has been formed in support and to help raise funds for his defence.

For more information email

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The Big Media Chill

Canwest, Canada’s largest media company, is pursuing a politically-motivated lawsuit against Vancouver activists to silence criticism of its bias in reporting on the Middle East. This is a classic David vs. Goliath story – a multi-billion dollar corporation bullying and trying to intimidate individual activists with a potentially ruinous lawsuit.

Why isn’t Canada’s mainstream media covering this story?

This is what we know:

  • The curious case of Q, a national arts programme on CBC radio. Q had a 15+ minute segment on the NY Times spoof on Nov. 18, 2008. Despite being contacted on Nov. 14 about the possibility of discussing both the Vancouver Sun and NY Times parody editions, the Canadian parody was not included in the segment. When Andy Bichlbaum, one of the creators of the NY Times spoof, brought up the Vancouver Sun parody and Canwest’s lawsuit on the air, Q host Jian Ghomeshi completely ignored the comment and proceeded with the interview as if he had not heard it. The punch line is that Ghomeshi is also a columnist for the National Post. Listen to a podcast of the interview on Q (4 minutes in)
  • Despite interest by individual reporters and producers at CBC, the story has never been covered by any CBC program, local or national, TV or radio, arts or news, radio or television, English or French.
  • In November 2008, activists in Fredericton New Brunswick wrote a letter to The Daily Gleaner criticising the N.B. Human Rights Commission for awarding a human rights award to the Asper Foundation citing various actions by Canwest, including the Vancouver Sun parody lawsuit. The Gleaner, an Irving newspaper, printed the letter but edited out all references to the lawsuit.
  • The National Post and other Canwest outlets had extensive coverage of the November 12, 2008 New York Times parody edition. Canwest’s media properties, including the National Post, the Vancouver Province, Vancouver Courier, and Global TV, have never covered the Vancouver Sun parody lawsuit with the following exception…
  • The Vancouver Sun published a detailed account of Canwest’s accusations on Dec. 8, 2007 – the day after the writ was served. But the paper has never made any attempt to balance coverage of the case by interviewing the defendants or covering public forums or events sponsored by the defence committee. (A Sun reporter did call Mordecai Briemberg for a comment just minutes after he had been served with the writ but before he had an opportunity to consult with a lawyer and prepare a coherent response to the charges.)
  • In October 2008, first The Globe and Mail and then 24 Hours were offered an exclusive scoop on the story of Mordecai Briemberg being dropped from the lawsuit, but neither were willing to report on this significant development in the case.
  • in September 2008, editors at a community newspaper in Metro Vancouver and a web news site rejected story proposals because they’d previously received legal threats from Canwest over a commentary piece.
  • When reporters at a Canwest community newspaper pitched the idea of a story on the SFSC campaign, the editor said that because it was a legal issue involving their owner, no news or commentary would be allowed.
  • A well-known freelance columnist who proposed a story on the case was told by a major metropolitan newspaper that, “We don’t criticize other media.”
  • A 24 Hours editor indicated an interest in running a column about the case by a well-known freelancer but later rejected the idea.
  • At Shaw Cable, managers refused to air the edited video of a public forum about the case held in May unless certain comments by Mordecai Briemberg were excised and other editorial comments inserted. The video was made by Pedro Moro, whose video are regularly posted on Shaw TV. Because the managers insisted that he not identify Shaw as the source of the editorial comments, Moro refused to comply and instead filed a complaint with the CRTC. The video has not been shown.
  • An independent Vancouver monthly magazine commissioned a piece on the case and the freelancer conducted an interview with one of the defendants but the freelancer applied for work at Canwest so the story was never submitted.

If you read, watch or listen to these media, call or email to let them know that you expect them to cover the news – all the news – without fear or favour:

The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Vancouver Courier, 24 Hours, Metro, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, World Journal, South Asian Post, Asian Pacific Post, The Link, Indo-Canadian Voice, CBC Radio, CBC Television, CKNW News, News 1130, Channel M News, Global TV, BC CTV, CityTV, Fairchild TV, National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press.

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4 responses to “Media

  1. I am from vancouver and i wanted to say that shaw cable and the main media outlets always censored anything that had to do with the working class or with people fighting for their liberation from imperialist countries.
    We should continue to fight against these injustices and pay no attention to what ever is said otherwise.There is a long struggle ahead and we got the working class of the world on our side.There will be no peace until the working class takes political power into their own hands.

    Stan Squires

  2. What utter nonsense from Stan Squires:
    “…shaw cable…always censored anything that had to do with the working class or with people fighting for their liberation from imperialist countries.”

    Shaw cable has aired numerous left wing
    diatribes by and workingtv,
    and repeated them ad nauseam.
    Those two almost ‘own’ the commentary
    section of Channel 4, and there is no comparable
    ‘right wing’ or ‘business’ infomercial content.
    I.e. those two have a monopoly (or duopoly, if
    you prefer) on political posturing.

  3. My wife and I have been the victims of a SLAPP lawsuit. We have found that there is no apparent interest in this by the Vancouver print media in particular. We have contacted the Vancouver Sun and Province and have received no response. We have a case involving the courts denying us access to evidence against us and the court of appeal making a decision based strictly on hearsay and the evidence we were denied access to. Our case involved a gross invasion of our privacy as the plaintiff sent a private detective to secretly record us in our home. Yet, the Vancouver print media does not find this of interest. Enough said.

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